How Well Connected are You….?

Have you ever thought just how well connected you might be? How many people there are in your circle of friends, relatives and customers?…quite likely you are not even aware of all your connections!

It can be so easy to think business is tough…new customers hard to find…existing customers hard to keep…all the while forgetting to take a close look at opportunities right under our noses

I like the story about acres of diamonds…not only because I was a Jeweller and touched diamonds daily…but because of it's immense significance to everyday business activities

In case you don't know the story…here a short version as I know it:

A farmer in South Africa got more and more tired of working hard every day on his land…when he heard that people futher away had found gold on their land, he sold up to find gold himself only to hear the man who bought his farm found gold right there while digging a little deeper in the fields…

So what does that have to do with being connected…?

Well…when things get tuff, we get disheartened, the first reaction can be to run….

I'm saying that as there were a number of businesses closing down last year…hard times…not enough sales….however when you look a little closer…what could have been done differently?

Interestingly….a really great way to open the mind to thinking in new ways….I've used these questions:

Ask Me

Read them one by one…and give it some thought…the questions really trigger a bit of deeper thinking…you might be amazed what comes up for you….

The secret often lies in answering the last question…it can reveal what's really at stake and from there an answer often is easy to find…

Bringing this back to being well connected…the more you think about who you know and who they know…and who they might be able to connect you with…it's quite amazing the opportunities you might have!

Dr Ivan Misner, founder of Business Network International wrote the book: the 29%Solution which goes into detail just how well and closely we are connected..great reading, in case you've not seen it yet, here it is:

A great read to understand just where business can be sought and come from ….and in effect maybe even saying: it's just a matter of knowing …and connecting!

So, check the questions above…leave me your answer if you like…and give the book a go…

Cheers 🙂

Sigrid de Kaste

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