Band Aid Marketing at Sea World??

I had a fantastic day at Sea World today with the family. The weather was spectacular, fresh breezes and sunny with just enough warmth to be comfortable.

I haven’t been to Sea World in quite a while and my fond memories from long ago were no where to be found today.

I wanted to be excited and pass that on but could not find anything to be excited about!

It appears to me, Sea World has tried to keep up with the fast growth and popularity of other leisure parks and activity destinations here in Queensland using a Band Aid Marketing Approach.

What is Band Aid Marketing?

We are saturated with Marketing Information. Every day another way to Twitter, E-mail Marketing, Customer Contact Marketing, Online Marketing and on and on it goes. All very valid and certainly useful ways to promote your business.

But….. if you are having trouble in your business and keep trying every new approach and  Marketing Method that’s out there because it’s said to work for someone somewhere, don’t you think  you are just putting band aids on?

It appears to me, that’s what’s happened at Sea World. They have expanded, tried to add something interesting for a variety of age groups, spreading things around the premises, without any plan, thought of a theme or

Have you used the Band Aid Approach in your Business?

Are you one of the business owners who have many new challenges in today’s competitive environment.? If you go and listen to every new idea and put it in place because it’s new and sounds good you might end up like Sea World. They have lost their theme, added what their Marketers must have percieved to be “young” and fresh additions yet lost site of what they could really change and make interesting about the Sea.

How to avoid Band Aid Marketing

Look at your business as a whole. What is it you want to achieve? What will be the most successful way of achieving that? Your business needs more than just a new website, or e-mail marketing. More customers can be gained without spending more money.

The best way to grow your business is to ask for professional help from someone who has already achieved what you are looking to achieve.

For Sea World, I am sad to say, a new plan needs to be drawn up, with new Marketers in place, to create their unique Sea World Theme and carry the Pirate Stories and Dolphins into this century.


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