Do you like Magic?

Keeping up with what’s happening out there in the real world is important for any business owner and knowing what the latest marketing trends and consumer behavior are is essential knowledge also…..and of course it’s also fun catching up with friends and associates!

So I went to a function the other week….a workshop….we didn’t do much work really, it was more about listening to a couple of speakers.

Now speakers can be informative, fun, easy to listen to, boring any of these or all of them. The speakers at this workshop kept the audience interested. The first one had some great real life examples and through sheer honesty created a number of funny situations, getting the listeners to really like her.

Unfortunately for her….she did not understand Marketing very well and walked away without even making an offer to the crowd! How would you be….missed opportunity!

Then came a very tall, slim guy, well dressed, his assistant beside him…..bit like a magician…..and you know what…he did the Magic!!

……..drew the audience in from the word ‘go’ with intriguing numbers on the whiteboard…. the flipchart….. and his sheer greatness at choosing the right words got him the attention he sought. (I observed the people in the room…all hanging off his lips)

Now….. I have to keep a record of how he did that number trick…that really got him the attention, everyone of course was keen to find out what they’d stand for….

…..then he made his offer….we were well prepared for it….a fantastic one off planning session to get us all on track to turn just so little into a huge sum after only so many years or less….he had us in the palm of his hands…

…..with this special offer….today and to us only for so many dollars, which is so much less then usually, and…here we go…drum roll….we also get his book totally free!

Then he revealed the relevance and meaning of the numbers!

He got 100% of the audience (yes muggings here too, not of my own will but never the less, giving in to relationship pressure)

100% of the audience bought a book for 10x the price if we had bought it at Angus & Robertson (that’s why they are going broke…they just don’t understand marketing!!)

Absolutely magic marketing of a book  the best I’ve ever seen!

….take the idea and work it into your product or service…..your way……
I certainly will!

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