Business Owners tell me regularly that it is their customer service that makes them stand out and brings their customers back for more.

….but is it really? What you might be perceiving to be great customer service and how your customers see it can be very different

There was a study conducted by Technical Assistance Research Program Inc of Washington DC which revealed:

  • For every customer who bothers to complain to the average business 26 others will never say a thing
  • The average customer experiencing bad service will tell 8 to 16 people and more than 10% will tell more than 20 people
  • If you make an effort to remedy the customers complaints 82% to 95% will stay with you

…now if that's not stunning enough revelations for you here some more survey results this time from the US News & World Report on why customers give up their loyalty:

  • 3% stop buying due to inconvenience
  • 95 stop because of a relationship with someone in a competitors firm
  • 15% stop because the price was too high
  • 68% stop buying due to  perceived indifference – they feel the company doesn't care about them enough as a customer!

With that knowledge think about how you can best display to your customers that you care…and one very easy and cost effective way is simple, regular email contact –

  • Thank you emails
  • Information emails
  • Sales Offers emails
  • Special Occasion emails

…the biggest secret to emails is: make them SHORT – to the POINT – ONE objective per email

Following that principle I've achieved a 47% opening rate and immediate sales for a client over the past 2 months…do we keep going??….Of course we are!

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