Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash…with Celeriac

Trying something new to create variety and mixing flavours can be exciting!

When I had a bag of potatoes in the fridge the other day and found a Sweet Potato further down the shelf, I thought ‘what can I create here?’

Potato mixed with Sweet Potato and turning it into a Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash will add flavour

…but wait…there was also a lonely bit of Celeriac! Don’t know what Celeriac is?

Sweet Potato Mash Celeriac











Celeriac is closely related to leaf Celery but has a stronger flavour when cooked. I’ve always used it in soups in Winter as it is a Winter vegetable ┬áin Europe

See it’s knobbly appearance, above on the photo?

It’s texture is equally ‘rough’ when cooked so mashing it creates a more appealing taste

Celeriac is very low in calories. 100 g root contains just 42 calories, slightly higher than its leaf-tops. Its flesh has some health benefiting plant-nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber and certainly adds a nice flavour

For my Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash I peeled the Celeriac, Potatoes and Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Mash Peelings










…..and did you know, the peelings of course make great compost. Keep your compost moist so everything becomes healthy soil faster and more evenly

So next, I cut all my ingredients for this Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash into cubes to boil it evenly

Sweet Potato Mash Potato and Celeriac










I cook with Induction so have to be aware the pots get hot very quickly. This means I turn it on low and everything boils slowly and evenly

My Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash took about 12 min with Induction…may take longer with other cooking methods. Use a sharp ended knife to test the potatoes and cleleriac are soft enough for mashing

I actually used a blender to get all ingredients smoothly mashed and mixed together

Sweet Potato Mash with Grilled Camenbert







So check out how I served this Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash:

I used a very ripe French Camembert and Grilled that to a light melt

Then I added a few Chilli rings and placed some Wild Roquette around the Sweet Potato Mash

Wild Roquette is a slightly hotter alternative to plain roquette. It is a more peppery addition to this dish

So this is what I found:

The Potato and Sweet Potato with the Celeriac create a smooth, sweet flavour

The Camembert adds a tad of rich bitterness

The Chilli gives you that ‘BANG’ as it does in any dish

The Wild Roquette is just perfect with a little more bitterness and pepper taste

Took me out 20min to get on the table – give it a try!

Bon Appetit!

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