Great Gluten Free Dessert

I loooove a great dessert and with Gluten Free in mind it can be a challenge to find something that fits that category

Chocolate is another of my favourites and so I went about converting a dessert I know to be a gluten free dessert

Chocolate mousse is quick and easy…and made this way I think it’s almost healthy and easy on the waistline!

Chocolate mousse generally can be fairly rich in fat and sugar, two contributors to adding on the weight so here we go, I altered those two to make this gluten free dessert not only gluten free but also lighter!

Gluten Free Dessert – Chocolate Mousse

1/2 litre of good quality Soy Milk

The brand I like here and can get where I am, is Japanese and does not contain that extra oil most other brands have

Bonsoy for Gluten Free Dessert











2 heaped tab spoons of Cornflour

2-4 tab spoons of Cocoa powder

Choose the right amount for you, I love my chocolate very dark so I use more, you may prefer it not that strong so use less

3-4 tab spoons of sugar

1 egg white

This is to make it very light and ‘fluffy’, I don’t always use it, specially if I’m in a hurry I leave it out. The egg white does give it a nice soft consistency


Step by Step Method

Use 3/4 of the soy milk and bring it close to boil

Mix the cocoa powder and cornflour into the rest of the milk so it becomes very smooth, avoid lumps

Pour the cocoa and cornflour mixture into the almost boiling milk, let it boil and stir consistently. As you feel it thickening, take the mixture off the heat. Now add the sugar to it. Do taste it to make sure it’s to your sweet requirements. I can do with just enough to take the cocoa bitterness out, you may prefer a sweeter taste

Put the mixture aside to cool, preferably in a larger mixing bowl

Beat the egg white, if using, until stiff. You may wish to add a little sugar, again, depending how sweet you like it

When the chocolate mixture has cooled, and do watch that there is no skin forming in during this time, you can gradually add the beaten egg white under the mixture. If skin sets in do keep stirring it gently to prevent this from happening.

Gluten Free Dessert







You are aiming to have the egg white simply ‘lifting’ or lightening the chocolate to give it the ‘mousse’ feel and taste

Then you can put it in the fridge to set completely…only mine never lasts that long!

Chocolate Mousse gone







My Tip: always set out all your ingredients and utensils BEFORE you start cooking, stops any ‘panic attack’ when things happen faster than you anticipated during the process!

…by Sigrid de Kaste..find me on Google

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