Gluten Free Breakfast Choice that tastes good

What to have when you need it to be a Gluten Free Breakfast?

Of course you can go and simply buy some gluten free bread and add gluten free spreads to it and your breakfast is not so much different from when you didn’t need to eat gluten free

I like some choices, and I like my gluten free breakfast to be healthy and tasty

So I’ve been checking out some alternatives. The Indian shop has some great and more unusual things that make for a nice gluten free breakfast

Have you ever heard about Idli?

Possibly not, if you are not close to Indian cuisine

This is what it turned out for me:

Gluten Free breakfast







I discovered Idli on the shelf of my local Indian shop. The girl behind the counter told me it was like a pancake and totally made from rice flour –

Perfect! I thought, and bought it

On reading the instructions, I figured out the best way is to add the amount of water to the flour mixture before I get anything else ready

That way the mixture has enough time to ‘sit’

Now, if you want to do it completely the right way, you can buy an Idli pan…it’s a pan with a number of smaller dips for the individual Idli cakes

But it works just as well with an ordinary fry pan

So at breakfast, I simply add the correct amount of water to the Idli rice flour mixture and let it sit

I get all my other gluten free breakfast things ready

…and then I come back to the mixture. Just use a midsize tablespoon or a little larger and drop spoonful by spoonful into the fry pan

Let it fry up until you can see the bottom is firm, then turn it over, one by one

You’ll get a light brown colour. Keep them light in colour, just get to set the mixture

Now, never having tasted them, I assumed it would be sweet, being a pancake

My choice of accompaniment was tinned Plum

I put a tin of Plums, including the juice, ¬†into a pot, the night before. Then bring it to the boil, I’d add enough cornflour to the mixture to get it to thicken

The best way is to measure the liquid first. You’ll need about 2 heaped tablespoons to 1/2 liter of liquid

Mix the cornflour with some of the liquid, then add that to the boiling rest of the mixture

So that’s cold, on the morning but saves time preparing your gluten free breakfast

Now simply add the Plum mixture to your Idli cakes and your gluten free breakfast is ready!

Here a few other things I discovered at the Indian shop:  

Gluten Free Breakfast Indian










Here is what I discovered: Idli cakes are slightly salty!

…and that actually goes really well with the very sweet Plum…I loved it!

Give it a try if you can find the Idli mixture at your local Indian shop…and let me know what you think!




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