Gluten Free for Me!

Can you believe it…tests showed I should be Gluten Free…?!

There is much said about following all paths when something does not seem right and that's what I did

Turns out it's Gluten Intolerance that's been giving me the troubles I've had

I went out to find what I can actually eat, which is more satisfying then looking at all the things I can't eat! ….so here we go:

What's available in Gluten Free

There are heaps of products on the market now all labeled with 'Gluten Free' and nearly every supermarket has a range from pancake mix to cereal and biscuits

However, after close inspection and from a marketing perspective, I found the supermarkets in Australia are making big bucks on these products

When you're only looking at gluten free products you'll find they are just that bit more pricey than equivalent gluten containing products

Do I have to eat only Gluten Free?

Well, yes, or course, BUT I don't have to buy only gluten free marked products, Like someone suggested to me, eat fruit and vegetables instead

True…but I am a very hungry person so fruit and vegies alone don't actually fill me up

In further research I found that rice, rice only products and of course corn and corn only products are glute free


Where I found Gluten Free Products

Luckily Australia is so multicultural and I've always mixed and made friends with people from heaps of different countries like South America and Asia

So I went to our local Indian Supermarket…and found some wonderful products!

Riceflour and many rice products, mixes, cakes and biscuits and surprise, surprise, for less than Gluten Free labeled other supermarket produts

Then there is the South American range of Corn flours including Masa Lista – I love tortillas!

Not only that, bags of beans, buckwheat and Basmati rice is what I found and I stocked up!

Gluten Free

Look at this great stuff!

…and then I went about working on a plan on how to change and keep the change going…easy!

Here a daily, easy to prepare meal plan:

Breakfast –

Riceflakes soaked in hot water with fruit and nuts

Lunch –

Polenta with Fetta cheese, paprika mash and capsicum salad

Dinner –

Home made vegetable soup with Rice cakes (and topping if you like)


Would that qualify for My Kitchen Rules???

Let me say this , though, Marketing makes your price…and your target market will pay that price!

Be sure to know your target market well before you price your product or services!



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