Setting and Achieving Goals in Sports is part of reaching a Successful Outcome….this is well known, and we know it works.

How is it that setting Goals in Business and Personal Life is never that easy or practiced successfully?

Goal setting requires structure, well thought out plans, discipline, time management and understanding of a clear outcome…..however unlike in Sports where there is a right way to play and a wrong way to play….goal setting doesn't have rules or rights and wrongs.

So what is a Goal? 

"A Goal is completing something you said you would do within an allotted time" in it's simplest way of explaining it

Unless you've set goals and achieved them, and keep setting new ones it is hard to understand the immense power of this statement

Let me take you through the 6 Advantages Goal Setting will bring you:

  1. Goals identify the Direction you want in your life or business and give you a sense of purpose 
  2. Setting Goals will save you Time because you will achieve your ambitions at an earlier stage
  3. Setting Goals helps increase your Self Esteem
  4. As a result of Setting Goals  you will learn to make Quality Decisions
  5. Setting Goals develops Confidence in your Abilities
  6. The Personal Satisfaction of reaching your Goals and putting your potential to the test is perhaps the greatest Benefit

So how come, many people do not set Goals? Many Business Owners do not find the time to set Goals?

Often it is simply a lack of understanding How to Start setting your Goals

For today I'd just like to touch on the 3 Stages of Goal Setting:

  1. Desire
  2. Motive
  3. Action

Identify What it is you'd like to achieve, be clear on Why you'd like to achieve it and the Actions you need to take will already become clearer


If you'd like to be part of learning to set Goals in a Fun and Energetic Group Situation and you are in Brisbane on the 5th of July 2011, you might like to join us in Getting a Goal Board set up just for You and Your Goals………

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Cheers 🙂

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