It's and Excellent Time to go into Business

The time is ripe with opportunity…many Businesses are cutting down on Marketing…on staff…on looking ahead with a clear vision…

..and that's your opportunity to move ahead in strides!

Small Business owners who are fearful of the coming 12 months are already hurting themselves….are already on the downwards slide

Why?…as soon as we loose sight of what we WANT…everything we don't want will come our way

When others are cutting down…all you need to do is keep marketing…..and you'll be the one your customers and clients see,…. the others are invisible!

If you've been thinking about starting a Business…do it! Go out and get going….when others are closing down you have less competition, their customers and clients will come to you…

Looking at buying a Business? Many are for sale….is it more than you want to pay? Negotiate…in the current market you have every chance to pick up a great opportunity…someone will have to sell, will want to get out…that's your chance to make your move

So whatever you are thinking of doing…do it now!…..and here is what to take on the journey with you:

  1. What ever type of Business you wish to set up or buy….be very CLEAR on who your customer or client is
  2. Research what they are DESPERATE for right now
  3. Supply what they want….in all your promotions….tell them you can supply the solution to their desperation
  4. If you are clear on who your customer or client is…you automatically know where they 'hang out' …that's where you get to talk to them
  5. Make it just ONE clear message….just ONE…or you'll confuse them!

That's it…..that easy…?

Yes, as long as you do have a clear goal what you want to achieve with your business, a clear goal as to who your customer or client is and a clear goal what your marketing message has to be

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