“We are living in the relationship and reputation economy.”
– Mike Koenigs


In order to get the business, the stronger your relationship with your customers, the more likely you will get the business over any competitior….WHY?

People like to deal with people they know, when we feel we know someone, we can establish trust

Building Relationships with your potential and existing customers does not have to be just face to face

By connecting with customers through video, you can speak directly to so many more and bring your message out verbally and visually together. It’s important to note that using video via email and generally online is a great way  to achieve substantial business growth and become known very quickly

Most businesses can propagate video and other content across multiple channels, including, but not exclusive to, YouTube. Your website as well as many other social media and even directory listing sites accept Video as part of their visual offerings

And the best thing, it does NOT have to be highly expensive, professionally produced video. Your customer wants to see you the way you are, natural and real. That’s the way you would build a face to face relationship, that’s the way it works online and in email also


So get out there, get yourself out there via Video, and keep marketing yourself.


Remember, if you don't talk to your clients, your competition will!

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