What a Discovery: Black Bean Spaghetti

Since it’s been established I’m coeliac and need to eat gluten free I’m constantly searching for new, different and interesting foods to try

On my trip to the local IGA supermarket this week I discovered Black Bean Spaghetti…never heard of it before but this is what the packet looks like:

Black Bean Spaghetti











Of course I went about giving it a go straight away…and to make sure it’ll turne out at least like it should…I tried using the recipe as given on the packet

Black Bean Spaghetti and Capsicum Salad

Unpacking the Black Bean Spaghetti they look very interesting, reminded me of Black Rice in long strips

Black Spaghetti Raw








So I did follow the recipe (often I don’t I simply add or leave out things if I don’t have it)

This time I had everything on hand so I started and here the result of boiling the Black Bean Spaghetti

Black Spaghetti







Of course I tasted them like that…yes…taste like spaghetti…bit more bland maybe…

But I think adding the ingredients will give the dish the flavour…so away I went

  • Chopping the capsicums in different colours
  • Spring onions into small pieces
  • Squeezing the lemon and adding one clove of Garlic

Lemon and Garlic







This is actually a vegetarian dish so that’s all the ingredients besides the dressing…and well, I coul dnot help myself, here I added my version:

instead of Balsamic Vinegar I used Mayonaise

and a small tin of Salmon

and finished it with Salt and Pepper

This is the final look I achieved:

Black Bean Spaghetti Salad








Taste….I think the Balsamic Vinegar would have given it a stronger taste, my version was a tad ‘soft’, or ‘bland’

so if you find Black Bean Spaghetti in the shops near you and want to give it a try…

Stick to the Recipe….not like me!

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