Sigrid de Kaste

Hi…I’m Sigrid de Kaste…..and here is a bit about myself:

Originally trained as a Photographer I have worked in Advertising, PR, Management, Marketing and most of all Retail….

I love facts, figures and research and then use my creative streak to come up with new, unique and highly effective approaches to everything I do                                                     

All my life I’ve been interested in health and nutrition because of my personal digestion challenges

I’ve gradually peeled away the layers of finding less or no dairy makes me feel better, very little or better still no meat gets better digestion and very recently….I discovered

I’m coeliac…no gluten for me!

Well that cuts out a whole lot of ‘normal’ foods I actually love, like Rye and Barley and Oats…but that’s how it is

I used my research and fact finding love to find what I can eat that I like but without the Gluten

So these pages are my journey with tips, news, experiences, recepies and more

I invite you to share your experiences and if you have any questions, please contact me below, looking forward to hearing from you….


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