Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash…with Celeriac

Trying something new to create variety and mixing flavours can be exciting!

When I had a bag of potatoes in the fridge the other day and found a Sweet Potato further down the shelf, I thought ‘what can I create here?’

Potato mixed with Sweet Potato and turning it into a Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash will add flavour

…but wait…there was also a lonely bit of Celeriac! Don’t know what Celeriac is?

Sweet Potato Mash Celeriac











Celeriac is closely related to leaf Celery but has a stronger flavour when cooked. I’ve always used it in soups in Winter as it is a Winter vegetable  in Europe

See it’s knobbly appearance, above on the photo?

It’s texture is equally ‘rough’ when cooked so mashing it creates a more appealing taste

Celeriac is very low in calories. 100 g root contains just 42 calories, slightly higher than its leaf-tops. Its flesh has some health benefiting plant-nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber and certainly adds a nice flavour

For my Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash I peeled the Celeriac, Potatoes and Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Mash Peelings










…..and did you know, the peelings of course make great compost. Keep your compost moist so everything becomes healthy soil faster and more evenly

So next, I cut all my ingredients for this Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash into cubes to boil it evenly

Sweet Potato Mash Potato and Celeriac










I cook with Induction so have to be aware the pots get hot very quickly. This means I turn it on low and everything boils slowly and evenly

My Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash took about 12 min with Induction…may take longer with other cooking methods. Use a sharp ended knife to test the potatoes and cleleriac are soft enough for mashing

I actually used a blender to get all ingredients smoothly mashed and mixed together

Sweet Potato Mash with Grilled Camenbert







So check out how I served this Gluten Free Sweet Potato Mash:

I used a very ripe French Camembert and Grilled that to a light melt

Then I added a few Chilli rings and placed some Wild Roquette around the Sweet Potato Mash

Wild Roquette is a slightly hotter alternative to plain roquette. It is a more peppery addition to this dish

So this is what I found:

The Potato and Sweet Potato with the Celeriac create a smooth, sweet flavour

The Camembert adds a tad of rich bitterness

The Chilli gives you that ‘BANG’ as it does in any dish

The Wild Roquette is just perfect with a little more bitterness and pepper taste

Took me out 20min to get on the table – give it a try!

Bon Appetit!

Gluten Free Breakfast

Gluten Free Breakfast Choice that tastes good

What to have when you need it to be a Gluten Free Breakfast?

Of course you can go and simply buy some gluten free bread and add gluten free spreads to it and your breakfast is not so much different from when you didn’t need to eat gluten free

I like some choices, and I like my gluten free breakfast to be healthy and tasty

So I’ve been checking out some alternatives. The Indian shop has some great and more unusual things that make for a nice gluten free breakfast

Have you ever heard about Idli?

Possibly not, if you are not close to Indian cuisine

This is what it turned out for me:

Gluten Free breakfast







I discovered Idli on the shelf of my local Indian shop. The girl behind the counter told me it was like a pancake and totally made from rice flour –

Perfect! I thought, and bought it

On reading the instructions, I figured out the best way is to add the amount of water to the flour mixture before I get anything else ready

That way the mixture has enough time to ‘sit’

Now, if you want to do it completely the right way, you can buy an Idli pan…it’s a pan with a number of smaller dips for the individual Idli cakes

But it works just as well with an ordinary fry pan

So at breakfast, I simply add the correct amount of water to the Idli rice flour mixture and let it sit

I get all my other gluten free breakfast things ready

…and then I come back to the mixture. Just use a midsize tablespoon or a little larger and drop spoonful by spoonful into the fry pan

Let it fry up until you can see the bottom is firm, then turn it over, one by one

You’ll get a light brown colour. Keep them light in colour, just get to set the mixture

Now, never having tasted them, I assumed it would be sweet, being a pancake

My choice of accompaniment was tinned Plum

I put a tin of Plums, including the juice,  into a pot, the night before. Then bring it to the boil, I’d add enough cornflour to the mixture to get it to thicken

The best way is to measure the liquid first. You’ll need about 2 heaped tablespoons to 1/2 liter of liquid

Mix the cornflour with some of the liquid, then add that to the boiling rest of the mixture

So that’s cold, on the morning but saves time preparing your gluten free breakfast

Now simply add the Plum mixture to your Idli cakes and your gluten free breakfast is ready!

Here a few other things I discovered at the Indian shop:  

Gluten Free Breakfast Indian










Here is what I discovered: Idli cakes are slightly salty!

…and that actually goes really well with the very sweet Plum…I loved it!

Give it a try if you can find the Idli mixture at your local Indian shop…and let me know what you think!




Gluten Free Dessert

Great Gluten Free Dessert

I loooove a great dessert and with Gluten Free in mind it can be a challenge to find something that fits that category

Chocolate is another of my favourites and so I went about converting a dessert I know to be a gluten free dessert

Chocolate mousse is quick and easy…and made this way I think it’s almost healthy and easy on the waistline!

Chocolate mousse generally can be fairly rich in fat and sugar, two contributors to adding on the weight so here we go, I altered those two to make this gluten free dessert not only gluten free but also lighter!

Gluten Free Dessert – Chocolate Mousse

1/2 litre of good quality Soy Milk

The brand I like here and can get where I am, is Japanese and does not contain that extra oil most other brands have

Bonsoy for Gluten Free Dessert











2 heaped tab spoons of Cornflour

2-4 tab spoons of Cocoa powder

Choose the right amount for you, I love my chocolate very dark so I use more, you may prefer it not that strong so use less

3-4 tab spoons of sugar

1 egg white

This is to make it very light and ‘fluffy’, I don’t always use it, specially if I’m in a hurry I leave it out. The egg white does give it a nice soft consistency


Step by Step Method

Use 3/4 of the soy milk and bring it close to boil

Mix the cocoa powder and cornflour into the rest of the milk so it becomes very smooth, avoid lumps

Pour the cocoa and cornflour mixture into the almost boiling milk, let it boil and stir consistently. As you feel it thickening, take the mixture off the heat. Now add the sugar to it. Do taste it to make sure it’s to your sweet requirements. I can do with just enough to take the cocoa bitterness out, you may prefer a sweeter taste

Put the mixture aside to cool, preferably in a larger mixing bowl

Beat the egg white, if using, until stiff. You may wish to add a little sugar, again, depending how sweet you like it

When the chocolate mixture has cooled, and do watch that there is no skin forming in during this time, you can gradually add the beaten egg white under the mixture. If skin sets in do keep stirring it gently to prevent this from happening.

Gluten Free Dessert







You are aiming to have the egg white simply ‘lifting’ or lightening the chocolate to give it the ‘mousse’ feel and taste

Then you can put it in the fridge to set completely…only mine never lasts that long!

Chocolate Mousse gone







My Tip: always set out all your ingredients and utensils BEFORE you start cooking, stops any ‘panic attack’ when things happen faster than you anticipated during the process!

…by Sigrid de Kaste..find me on Google

Black Bean Spaghetti

What a Discovery: Black Bean Spaghetti

Since it’s been established I’m coeliac and need to eat gluten free I’m constantly searching for new, different and interesting foods to try

On my trip to the local IGA supermarket this week I discovered Black Bean Spaghetti…never heard of it before but this is what the packet looks like:

Black Bean Spaghetti











Of course I went about giving it a go straight away…and to make sure it’ll turne out at least like it should…I tried using the recipe as given on the packet

Black Bean Spaghetti and Capsicum Salad

Unpacking the Black Bean Spaghetti they look very interesting, reminded me of Black Rice in long strips

Black Spaghetti Raw








So I did follow the recipe (often I don’t I simply add or leave out things if I don’t have it)

This time I had everything on hand so I started and here the result of boiling the Black Bean Spaghetti

Black Spaghetti







Of course I tasted them like that…yes…taste like spaghetti…bit more bland maybe…

But I think adding the ingredients will give the dish the flavour…so away I went

  • Chopping the capsicums in different colours
  • Spring onions into small pieces
  • Squeezing the lemon and adding one clove of Garlic

Lemon and Garlic







This is actually a vegetarian dish so that’s all the ingredients besides the dressing…and well, I coul dnot help myself, here I added my version:

instead of Balsamic Vinegar I used Mayonaise

and a small tin of Salmon

and finished it with Salt and Pepper

This is the final look I achieved:

Black Bean Spaghetti Salad








Taste….I think the Balsamic Vinegar would have given it a stronger taste, my version was a tad ‘soft’, or ‘bland’

so if you find Black Bean Spaghetti in the shops near you and want to give it a try…

Stick to the Recipe….not like me!

Getting into Gluten

Gluten Free for Me!

Can you believe it…tests showed I should be Gluten Free…?!

There is much said about following all paths when something does not seem right and that's what I did

Turns out it's Gluten Intolerance that's been giving me the troubles I've had

I went out to find what I can actually eat, which is more satisfying then looking at all the things I can't eat! ….so here we go:

What's available in Gluten Free

There are heaps of products on the market now all labeled with 'Gluten Free' and nearly every supermarket has a range from pancake mix to cereal and biscuits

However, after close inspection and from a marketing perspective, I found the supermarkets in Australia are making big bucks on these products

When you're only looking at gluten free products you'll find they are just that bit more pricey than equivalent gluten containing products

Do I have to eat only Gluten Free?

Well, yes, or course, BUT I don't have to buy only gluten free marked products, Like someone suggested to me, eat fruit and vegetables instead

True…but I am a very hungry person so fruit and vegies alone don't actually fill me up

In further research I found that rice, rice only products and of course corn and corn only products are glute free


Where I found Gluten Free Products

Luckily Australia is so multicultural and I've always mixed and made friends with people from heaps of different countries like South America and Asia

So I went to our local Indian Supermarket…and found some wonderful products!

Riceflour and many rice products, mixes, cakes and biscuits and surprise, surprise, for less than Gluten Free labeled other supermarket produts

Then there is the South American range of Corn flours including Masa Lista – I love tortillas!

Not only that, bags of beans, buckwheat and Basmati rice is what I found and I stocked up!

Gluten Free

Look at this great stuff!

…and then I went about working on a plan on how to change and keep the change going…easy!

Here a daily, easy to prepare meal plan:

Breakfast –

Riceflakes soaked in hot water with fruit and nuts

Lunch –

Polenta with Fetta cheese, paprika mash and capsicum salad

Dinner –

Home made vegetable soup with Rice cakes (and topping if you like)


Would that qualify for My Kitchen Rules???

Let me say this , though, Marketing makes your price…and your target market will pay that price!

Be sure to know your target market well before you price your product or services!



Well Connected?

How Well Connected are You….?

Have you ever thought just how well connected you might be? How many people there are in your circle of friends, relatives and customers?…quite likely you are not even aware of all your connections!

It can be so easy to think business is tough…new customers hard to find…existing customers hard to keep…all the while forgetting to take a close look at opportunities right under our noses

I like the story about acres of diamonds…not only because I was a Jeweller and touched diamonds daily…but because of it's immense significance to everyday business activities

In case you don't know the story…here a short version as I know it:

A farmer in South Africa got more and more tired of working hard every day on his land…when he heard that people futher away had found gold on their land, he sold up to find gold himself only to hear the man who bought his farm found gold right there while digging a little deeper in the fields…

So what does that have to do with being connected…?

Well…when things get tuff, we get disheartened, the first reaction can be to run….

I'm saying that as there were a number of businesses closing down last year…hard times…not enough sales….however when you look a little closer…what could have been done differently?

Interestingly….a really great way to open the mind to thinking in new ways….I've used these questions:

Ask Me

Read them one by one…and give it some thought…the questions really trigger a bit of deeper thinking…you might be amazed what comes up for you….

The secret often lies in answering the last question…it can reveal what's really at stake and from there an answer often is easy to find…

Bringing this back to being well connected…the more you think about who you know and who they know…and who they might be able to connect you with…it's quite amazing the opportunities you might have!

Dr Ivan Misner, founder of Business Network International wrote the book: the 29%Solution which goes into detail just how well and closely we are connected..great reading, in case you've not seen it yet, here it is:

A great read to understand just where business can be sought and come from ….and in effect maybe even saying: it's just a matter of knowing …and connecting!

So, check the questions above…leave me your answer if you like…and give the book a go…

Cheers 🙂

Sigrid de Kaste

Is Your Business Investor Ready?

Is Your Business Ready to Receive Money from Investors?

Now this was very interesting….Malcolm Burrows, Lawyer and Practice Director at Dundas Lawyers, Brisbane, gave Business Support Events Members the step by step on how to prepare to get Investor' Money…

  • Step One: Make sure you have the appropriate Business Structure in Place…!!
  • Step Two: Have a Business and Marketing Plan…!!

What’s so interesting about that…?

…a couple of weeks’ ago I interviewed Terry Smith from Allens Australia Accountants. Terry gave us The Top 5 Tips what you need to know when you start your Business or want to expand…and he said this:

‘Start your business with the right Structure’… and
‘Have a Business and Marketing Plan’ in place

Having worked with heaps of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners over the past 3 years as a Business and Marketing Coach, I’ve noticed very few businesses start out with any thought about the business structure, nor a Business and Marketing Plan…

Start up business owners have usually little money to spend and use what they have on Promotional Material….BUT….without the Focus on who they are trying to attract!

Here is the thing… how can you arrive at your destination when you don’t know WHAT the destination is?

So let me share just a few steps Malcolm Burrows shared with Business Support Events Members today to prepare for Investor Capital….

Malcolm has raised from $250,000 to $2mill for his own businesses …so well qualified to take any business by the hand to go through the process!

….and then I encourage you to hop on over to Business Support Events  and ceck out the pages for more info of what it’s all about and to get a taste of our Events and to access Malcolm’s complete ‘How To’, jump in here: Watch the Video

How to get Your Business Investor Ready

  1. Know what you want to achieve and set up the right structure from the start
  2. Get Professional help and put a written Business and Marketing Plan together
  3. What are the Laws around getting Capital? Find out the details
  4. Be prepared to deal with Investors Objections
  5. Know what will make you lose control and be prepared


Are You Sitting Back and Waiting?

If you sit back and leave your business to ‘just happen’…. how likely is it that it’ll GROW?

Pretty unlikely, right? So what’s the alternative?

… decide on your most successful end result and design your steps to achieve exactly that – ideally  tapping into proven, usable strategies offered to you by already successful, experienced  business owners

You see, so many business owners feel like the circumstances of their running the business are outside of their control – from finances to employees to customer relationships. But the fact is, you CAN take control and turn the “negatives” in your business into positives……

…and tap into the insider secrets of already successful business owners without the price tag a weekly personal business coaching session might cost you…


Join my Tuesday Marketing, Money and Mindset Insider Tips and Tricks sessions, tap into Weekly Networking and the Power of Goal Setting plus Accountability…….without leaving the comfort of your home or office….for less than ONE CUP OF COFFEE a day……!!!???

….but wait there’s more!!!….as part of our community you get to watch the live sessions as a recording FREE of charge over and over until you’ve extracted all the details you need to implement in your business!!!

Hop on over and have a look…..Special Offer to Join Only AU$9 for the first month…that's 4 sessions, one a week PLUS FREE access to the session recordings for you to watch any time you have time..

Are you checking your Website Stats?

Just come across a great article by Richard Petrillo I thought was worth mentioning here.

Richard writes about the importance of keeping records on who and from where visits your site…yes another thing to do but very important in making your Marketing decisions…how will you know who your topic appeals to most if you do not track?''

Check out the post:

Website Stat Counter – How To Easily Track Your Website Statistics

by Richard Petrillo

Mobile Marketing Tips

Your Customers are on the Move….are You Mobile so they can find You??

Mobile Marekting Solutions are starting to be offered almost everywhere… do you know what's right for you to offer your customers?

We've researched this market a bit and for now would like to share these 9 Tips to set Up your Mobile Site:


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